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What we do for builders ?

Red QS has been the advocate for the small to medium sized builder across New Zealand for the last 6 years. Initially helping out with insurance work relating to the Canterbury Earthquake sequence, we have become well known for our skills in measuring retrofit projects, projects with very little information, and intuitively working with builders to understand how a job should be measured and priced to work in with the practicalities of a project. Always wanting to provide education in the space of construction pricing, you can sign up to our tips and tricks here!

What we do for home owners

This fits clearly into two categories, firstly, we love working with homeowners regarding the budgets for their new homes. This can be from the back of a napkin, right through to architects drawings. We can even take a verbal description of what you would like, and an approx m2 and give you an idea of how much you might need to make your dream home come true. From there we can work with the homeowner through to working drawings and create a schedule of works. A schedule of works is a fully measured document relating to a set of plans that can be used for both charge up (to keep an eye on how the job is tracking) or tendering when the home owner is asking more than one builder to price their project. It allows an ‘apples for apples’ approach that is easy to compare and significantly lowers the risk elements of a project. Want to know more? Click here.