Anyone looking to use our services we ask to email us through your plans and your brief. Once we have that, we might give you a call to clarify, and then we provide a free no obligation quote for services. We recommend to our builders that they do this for all sets of plans that come across their desk, just so they have options! Because sometimes the last thing you want to do is miss out on your kids' soccer game becasue you are under the pump to get a price to a client! Got something sitting there that needs looking at now?Email it here
However much detail you need. Labour only? No probs. Materials only? No probs. Sub trade, such as a blockie or a plasterer? We can measure that too. Just need a ball park budget? Easy. There is no edges to what we can provide.
Go for it. Last statistics NZ said there was around 2000 qualified QS in NZ. To put that into perspective, there's around double that engineers. Usually QS will work either as a consultant, or in a construction company. Very very very few QS are skilled in working in residential construction, they are the hardest to find. And did I mention expensive? A QS in the office with good experience depending on your location will set you back around $100k a year. And if you are in a busy market, they are rare as hens teeth. Save the overhead, and just throw your projects over your shoulder to us as you need or want to.
Thank god for modern technology huh! Everything we do is cloud based, I can have a QS in the deep south working in a job in Auckland, and it does not matter. As long as it is the right QS for the job! Everyone has different skill sets, some are great at tendering, some are great at contract admin, some have awesome commercial knowledge. The most important thing is getting the right man for the job.