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Charge Up

I have heard about a lot of work being completed on charge up lately, not uncommon when times are busy and a client is happy to choose this option as a way to move their project on a little faster. It’s a great option for you guys, but there are some pitfalls to be aware ... read more.


You have heard me bleat about how a quotation should be presented before, but have you ever considered why it is important? I still see quotes for services, either builders or subcontractors that are literally a one liner at the top of the email, and only on a good day is there punctuation or capital ... read more.

Budget Costing

So, you are working with a developer who has some land and wants to build something on it, and is trying to work out his budget. You could run around and come up with feasibility type costings based on a few ideas if you want to, but given the writing above is that the best ... read more.

Hourly Rates

We truly believe that many of you under value yourselves. Have you ever actually sat down and worked out your worth on an hourly basis? Your worth is based not only on the money you could be earning, but also on your overheads and the cost of running your business. Any time you are not ... read more.

Trade Pricing

Do you have subcontractors who are lagging when you ask them to quote a job? Getting sub pricing is the one thing that causes us delay on pricing a project, so I can only imagine how frustrating it is when you are pricing your own. We did a bit of a tally in the office ... read more.

Labour Only

We all know what this means, providing labour only pricing for a job where the sub contractors and trade supply is being provided by others. Sometimes straightforward, but lots of hooks potentially if you aren’t careful. Who is providing project management? Who is attending upon subcontractors? Just a few of the many curly questions that ... read more.

Peer Review

This fits the scenario of when you have priced a job yourself, and you just need us to glance over it and give you some feedback. Really handy if you are pricing a complex job and you don’t feel 100% comfortable with the final figure. A quick nosey from us of what you have done ... read more.


As our client base continues to increase, both in size and geographically we have realized that our ‘out of the box’ approach to jobs is proving extremely helpful. Discussing the particulars of what we actually do within the team seems like a given for us, but when asked to describe it to others outside our ... read more.

Job handovers

We have been listening very carefully to our clients, and actively looking for feedback from you, and something that has come shining through that we now understand will assist you is a good thorough job handover. It’s all well and good for a QS, either internal or external to price a job for you, but ... read more.