About Us


Red QS is unlike any other Quantity Surveying company……

Our aim is connect those who need our services with the best person for the job, and only when you need us.

We arent looking to take every pricing job you have, but just to support you through education, and be there during those times where you do need help with a particular project.

Red QS is made up of contract Quantity Surveyors all across New Zealand. Our head office is based in Christchurch, but our reach is Nationwide.

With a diverse pool of skill, there is always the right person available for the job, at the right time.

Want to become a contract QS for Red? Enquire here.

With over 800 happy builders across New Zealand working alongside us, our aim is to make our builders financially successful, and our home owners not have the worry of surprise cost or messy variations. No more jobs priced on the back of chip packets!!!

Contractor Questionnaire :

If you would like to apply to be a contractor for Red QS, please fill out the below and hit submit, we will be back in touch soon!